Why another tech blog?

I’ll explain my motivation to do a blog. Just days ago I was a bit reluctant to create one due to insecurities related with publishing repeated content. For certain there are experts on the tech field that probably can generate new things with a good cadence. But for the rest of the mortals it could be challenging. That fear stopped me for a long period to jump in the train of blogging. Finally I gave it another deep thought and realize that it really doesn’t matter. More than reaching millions of people and get admiration for it, the important thing about blogging is the process. The creation process, the thought behind a good writing, the work that originated the reflection that consequently generated a post, that is what matters. Those experiences by themselves are enough to give this activity a chance.

A bit of myself. I’m a Software Engineer with expertise in the areas of software design, development and testing. I consider myself proficient in diverse programming languages and platforms, nonetheless as today rhythm is quite fast in terms of generating new and exiting ways to achieve development objectives I feel that I’m always behind the trail in terms of knowledge and expertise. As a matter to overcome or at least mitigate that state is that I’m starting to adopt an always training mindset.
Just as or body and mind needs to be nurture daily, our professional skills need to be honed with the same intensity. In that line and as away to be more accountable in that effort is that I started this blog to share my studies, analysis and findings in my learning process.

Going into some possible sources for my learning. As a way to start my studies I like to use specialized sites, like HackerRank, Exercism, O’Reilly, etc. it is easy to have a fast ramp up using curated content. These sites offers programming challenges. If some of those challenges provides me something insightful, something I didn’t knew before probably I’ll write about it.
Also I’ll start some pet project to go deeper in a certain technology, I’ll comment about the progress of those projects and discuss the challenges that I face.
The type of pet project is still unknown. I’ve always had some interest in developing game software for example, I think is a challenging domain. Probably I’ll jump to it, I’m complete ignorant on that area so it would be interesting to see what things I’ll be able to tackle.